PPSC Unsung Heroes: Ketut the Gardener


The Unsung Heroes of Padang Padang Surf Camp

At a time of year where we would normally expect the camp to be full, the effects of COVID-19 have been felt throughout Bali and, like everywhere else around us, we are deadly quiet.

While many businesses in the area have unfortunately had to close completely, the surf camp is still operating and we’re using this as an opportunity to keep busy and to continue working on various projects in and around camp.

Staff have been hard at work planning, painting and labouring to improve and maintain the highest quality of our grounds and accommodation that we pride ourselves on.

The Garden and Grounds

One of the priorities for the surf camp is to remain as ecologically-friendly as possible.

With this in mind, one of the ongoing projects has been to shelter the new reception building from the harsh tropical sun, so that we can reduce the use of air conditioning in the main office

Ketut, our gardener and all-round maintenance hero, has been hard at work landscaping the plants adjacent to the office, moving trees and redesigning the area.

A man of many talents, Ketut recently built a new seating area for our non-resident guests and continues to work on providing shade for the camp reception, whilst ensuring the surf camp grounds maintain their lush, tropical character.


The perfect way to spend a dozy afternoon after a day of surfing is relaxing outside and enjoying the oasis that the surf camp gardens provide. Future projects to facilitate this include more seating areas and chillout zones.

Staff have also been working hard sprucing up some of the rooms and common areas; repainting woodwork and rooms to maintain their five-star standard.


As a camp, we employ more than 15 full-time Indonesian staff in addition to our surf instructors and our suppliers. In such an unpredictable and unprecedented times, it gives us great comfort that we are currently able to stay open and continue to keep our staff employed with projects to focus on.

We also have several exciting projects to enhance the surf camp facilities over the coming months so watch this space for more information and if you have any ideas for how you think we could improve, be sure to let us know.