Support Monot and friends feeding Bali's most in need


If you've spent any time with him, it will come as no surprise that after his managerial duties at the surf camp finish for the day, all-round good guy Monot has been working part-time leading the charge to help those less fortunate and most affected by the Covid crisis in Bali.

Monot started the charity using his own savings. Padang Padang Surf Camp have taken over the financing and the distribution of the aid is done by some of our current and former surf instructors. Ex instructors are still our friends. We will match this appeal up to 100 Million Rupiah and we thank everyone so far who have donated to this "once only appeal to help Bali's displaced unfortunate."


With Bali's tourism industry having completely stopped, the majority of the islands' employees have either lost their jobs or seen a significant reduction in their income.

04-monot-charity-04 With zero income from work to support their families, travel restrictions that prevent returning to hometowns on neighbouring islands and limited government support, freelance migrant workers are in a particularly unique and troubling situation.

Through personal connections and word-of-mouth, Monot with his friend and fellow surf instructor Agus have been seeking out those most in need over in Kuta and locally on the Bukit peninsular and distributing rice, noodles, eggs and other staples to help avoid the very real risk of malnutrition.

Accompanied by other surf camp insturctors including Arik, Englai and Rahcat, the work done by the boys so far has been admirable but it's an enormous task and the situation won't improve until Bali's tourism industry is back to strength.

03-monot-charity-06-2As long as Monot and the boys have the funds to do so, they are very keen to continue this work in their spare time and that's where you can help.

As lockdown is beginning to be eased across many parts of the world and things feel like they are improving, we invite you to spare a thought and a few pounds, dollars or euro for those who aren't so lucky.

If you'd like to make a donation and know it is being used to literally put food in the mouths of Bali's most in need, here's your chance.

You can make a donation via credit/debit card using the surf camp card payment form and we'll foward the funds to Monot immediately. Alternatively if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, please drop us an email, a WhatsApp or get in contact and we'll provide the account information.