Frequently Asked Questions

Bali Has a New e-Visa System

Travel and sports tourism is now allowed in Bali, and it is a simple process to apply for a visa. We'll pay for your visa when you stay 2+ weeks, so get in contact now for more information on how you can join us for an exclusive surfing experience.


Our rates are as advertised on our booking page and are non negotiable unless stay is for longer than 1 month

Availability and Reservations

To check our availability or make a reservation, we have an online quotation, availability and reservation system. Reservations are by room so simply enter the number of people, arrival date & duration. The system will show you which rooms are available and the price by room. Additional items can be booked such as group surf lessons, private surf lessons, Yoga, Board hire. A 10% deposit is required to reserver the room, unless within 30 days of arrival when full payment is required.

Surf (general)

Bali is the most consistent surfing destinations in the world. We get rideable surfing conditions 365 days a year. From April to October the waves are generally bigger, while from November to March, generally smaller. This is the seasonal trend but you can get small surf on any particular day in April to October and large surf in November to March, such is the nature of surfing. We are located in the world's best surfing destination very near to Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles, Bingin, Dreamland and Balangan. Nusa Dua, Green Bowls, Pandawa, Nyang Nyang and Nusa Dua are also very close as are the airport reefs: Toro Toro, Airport rights, Airport lefts, Middles, and Kuta reef. As we have so many surf breaks to choose from it is generally possible every day to find the right size and conditions for your ability.

Surf times

Start time for surfing changes every day as the tide varies daily and we will vary the surfing location & time according to the surfing conditions such as swell size, wind, tide etc. We typically offer 2 surf sessions for both surf lessons and surf guiding groups. This would typically be 1 session in morning + 1 session in afternoon or 2 morning sessions. Our surfing schedule changes daily according to the tidal cycle and other relevant factors. Scheduling is done for first session the night before and second session after first session, as this gives us best data in terms of current and expected surfing conditions. Sessions are typically between 1.5 and 2.0 hours long.

Surf guide

Your surf guide will be knowledgeable of the local breaks and the best times to surf them depending on conditions - swell, tide & winds. Your surf guide will advise you on where to enter and exit the water, rips, where to line up for waves, positioning etc and will surf with you but will not teach or supervise your surfing. If you require teaching or supervising, then surf lessons is more suitable.

Surf lessons

Your surf instructor will be knowledgeable of the local breaks and the best times to surf them depending on conditions - swell, tide & winds. He will arrange the best times with you every day to go to the most suitable surf break. He will supervise you in the water and instruct you how to lie on and paddle the board, paddle put to the break, catch waves, stand up and ride. He will also advise you on rips and determine when and where is safe to surf. He will evaluate your surfing technique and advise what improvements you need to make.

Surf lessons are additional cost but includes board rental. Surf lessons are daily - typically twice a day. There is no fixed duration but each session is usually about 1.5 hours. The defining factors are safety, wave quality and your level of fitness.

Surfing groups

We typically operate 3 surfing groups a day for beginner, intermediate and advanced. We also offer private surf lessons and private surf guiding.

Surf equipment

All surf equipment is included if you book surf lessons (surfboard, rash vest, leash). Otherwise we rent surfboards for £9 a day. We have shortboards, mini-mal's and longboards. Softboards & hardboards. Performance boards and fun boards.

What time is Check in/out?

Check in time is 1pm, check out time is 11am.

When are meals served?

Breakfast between 7am and 10am, lunch between 12 noon and 2pm. Most friday's we have a BBQ around 7pm.

What should I take to Bali?

You should bring everything you would normally bring for a tropical beach holiday. For example, sun glasses, hat, flip flops, sun screen, bathing costume. We provide a rash vest if you are taking surf lessons but you should bring shorts to surf in. Some people wear reef booties but in most cases this is unnecessary and will affect the feeling of the surfboard. They can be purchased locally if required. We provide a room towel, soap & shampoo but do not provide beach towels. Most people in Bali use a sarong at the beach and these can be purchased almost anywhere in Bali for reasonable price. Don't forget your mobile phone or camera to take loads of selfies! Bali is very instagram friendly.

Surfing photos

Our photographer goes with one of the group every morning and shoots photos for 1 of the sessions. All photos are provided free of charge if you stay a minimum of 1 week and are daily uploaded to google drive.


The closest airport is Denpasar international airport (DPS) which is 30 minutes drive from surf camp in good traffic conditions. Our meet and greet service takes away some of the hassles of traveling. Airport transfers are included if you stay minimum 1 week or additional cost for shorter stays. You will be met outside international or domestic arrival terminal by someone holding a sign Padang Padang Surf Camp. We include 1 free airport pick up and drop per room if staying 7 nights or more.

Other pick up & drop locations

If staying 7 nights or more, and not arriving or departing from airport, we will provide a free tranfer anywhere on the bukit including Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. We do not provide transfers to or from other locations such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, Canggu etc.

Flights and Visas

We do not arrange flights. We recommend to find all the flight options to Bali. You need to arrange your own flight either directly with airline, a travel website or a travel agent. Visitors from most countries can get a free tourist visa on arrival for 30 days but this is not extendable. A 60 day visa can be applied for at the Indonesian embassy in your home country and you need to provide a doctor's certificate of good health. Temporarily it is not possible to get a visa on arrival. For more detailed information on Indonesian visa policy Indonesian visa


Indonesia Rupiah is the currency in Bali and it is approximately 13,000 IDR to 1 US$. You can change money at the airport but you will get a better exchange rate in Ungasan which is halfway between airport and Padang Padang Surf Camp. There are ATM machines in Padang Padang walking distance from the surf camp.


Air: Bali has a mild and agreeable tropical climate the whole year round. Average day time air temperatures is 28C°/82F° to 29C°/84F°. There is always a cooling breeze at Padang Padang Surf Camp and it is not stifling hot.


The water temperatures varies between range from 27C°/81F° to 29C°/84F°. You can wear boardshorts all year.


Shorts, T-shirts and flip flops are the norm. It's hot in the day and people tend to dress casually and comfortably. Trousers and shirt may be worn in evening going out, but again shorts and t-shirts are acceptable.

Mobile Phones

Most international phones work in Bali. The most practical and economic option is to buy a local SIM card from shop near surf camp and put this in your phone. 3G and 4G service is available - ask Sim card vendor for data services.

Public Phones

There are a number of Wartel's (private phone booths) that you can use for local and international calls. Skype and Facetime work good at surf camp most of the time.


The Surf Camp has a free WiFi hot spot that allows you to connect your laptop from anywhere. There is free internet in most of the local restaurants.


There is great shopping in Kuta which is about 1 hour from surf camp. Nightlife in our area is great if you like live music, DJ's, beach parties. Previously all the action was in Kuta, now it's just a 5 minute taxi ride. Single fin is very popular on wednesday and sunday nights. There is a beach party at Padang Padang beach saturday nights. Our particular favourite is Kashew tree in Bingin every thursday night which has live music and DJ's


Food in Bali is very tasty with a great variety of both western and eastern food. Seafood is particularly good. Jimbaran seafood is world famous and absolutely delicious - fish, crab, lobster, prawns, clams. The surf camp package includes breakfast & lunch at surf camp (alternates between western and Indonsian on daily basis). For dinner there are a number of excellent local restaurants within walking distance (Thai, Mexican, Indonesian, Italian). We usually have a delicious barbeque at surf camp on Friday night. We typically go to Jimbaran beach for seafood BBQ once a week.


The local tap water should not be drunk. We provide drinking water free at surf camp.


We are within easy walk of bingin village and local shops and internet cafe. Padang Padang beach, Impossibles and Bingin beach are all walking distance from the Bali Surf Camp. Dreamland and Uluwatu are about 2 miles away. A variety of world class breaks are very close to the Premier Bali Surf Camp and Yoga Resort and there is a choice of white sand beaches. Padang Padang beach was the location for the beach scenes in the Julia Roberts movie: Eat, Pray, Love. We are more Eat, Sleep, Surf but the point is that this is a spectacularly beautiful beach and there is a great vibe there at sunset with travelers from all over the world and friendly locals.


No vaccinations are required to enter Bali, and Bali is considered safe from Malaria. Medical facilities are quite good but comprehensive travel insurance that includes Surfing is a requirement. Consult your doctor for specific medical advice.


The monkey fire dance at Uluwatu temple is unmissable. Ask the staff at the surf camp to take you so see the sunset show - you will not be disappointed. Ceremonies are performed for every new moon, full moon and various other occasions. Bali is the land of the Gods and ceremonies. If you want to see a ceremony ask the staff what ceremonies are scheduled during your stay.

Surf Transport

The bali surf camp package also includes transport to and from the surf breaks at various times each day.

We can arrange a car and friendly local balinese English speaking surf guide for Surf camp guests at daily or weekly rates. Bali has excellent waves on the East, South and West coasts. Your driver knows all the famous bali surf spots such as Keramas, Medewi, Balian, Canggu and some lesser known places.

You will be arranged in groups according to ability and be transported to the surf breaks twice a day per group. In the evening we will provide transport to local restaurants or arrange a taxi to take you to town (Kuta).

Surf Shops

The white monkey surf shop is 200 metres from us, and there are a few other surf shops in walking distance of Padang Padang Surf Camp and also at Uluwatu which is 2 miles from the surf camp. Kuta has the most surf shops in the world! There is a very large selection of surf shops where you can buy new and second hand boards, surf clothes from leading brands and all surfing equipment you would expect or need.

How much money should I bring?

Breakfast & lunch is included but you will need money for dinner in evening. This will cost about US$10 for food. We cannot estimate how much you will spend on alcohol, presents, taxis, nights out and other items but Bali is relatively inexpensive and has ATM machines & money changers.

Average age at surf camp

There is no average age. Each week different guests arrive so impossible to predict the average age in advance. Most people who stay here are professionals in their twenties, thirties or forties but we get people of all age and the "average age" varies week to week.