Bali Has a New e-Visa System

Travel and sports tourism is now allowed in Bali, and it is a simple process to apply for a visa. We'll pay for your visa when you stay 2+ weeks, so get in contact now for more information on how you can join us for an exclusive surfing experience.

Airport rights breaks very near the runway on the Jimbaran side. Picks up less swell than airport lefts but is a better quality wave. In fact it is one of the best right handers in Bali and one of the few waves that break right on the west coast. Very fast sucky take off, the wave walls up and while many waves are too fast, if you pick the right one the ride is about 300 metres and ends in a bowly barrelling shallow end section. If you see a bald guy out there ripping it may be Kelly Slater as this is his favourite wave in Bali. On smaller days the wave is suitable for intermediate surfers but when in the overhead class it is advanced surfers only and you need a step up board on the bigger days.