Travelling from Bali to other Indonesia surfing islands?

Surf Sumatra, Mentawais & Hinako Islands....

Bali Has a New e-Visa System

Travel and sports tourism is now allowed in Bali, and it is a simple process to apply for a visa. We'll pay for your visa when you stay 2+ weeks, so get in contact now for more information on how you can join us for an exclusive surfing experience.

We can arrange hassle free visits to other Indonesian island surfing destinations. If you want to stay 1 week in bali and 1 week in G-land we will arrange all transfers, accommodation and food in good quality surf camps so you only need to concentrate on your surfing. We have extensive knowledge of surfing Indonesia and can arrange all transfers so you have a hassle free surf trip.

Mentawais surf charter & Surf resorts

Do you want to surf the best waves in the world? We can arrange boat trips to the legendary Mentawais islands. The Mentawais is the ultimate surf experience.

Sumatra Surf Resort

Specialising in surf trips in paradise. The resort is available for a maximum of 6 guests. Logistics, food, transport are fully inclusive at this VIP resort. Relatively untravelled the Sumatran island of Asu provides world class waves without the crowds.

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Bintang Surf Charter, Mentawis

Bintang is an ocean going 110ft Schooner, the largest Western owned vessel in the Mentawai Islands and is designed exclusively for surf charters. The boat is operated and owned by Daryl and Ashton Robinson - Both keen and experienced surfers. They are experienced Mentawai operators who know where to find the best waves possible to surf through out the trip.

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Samudra Biru Surf Charter, Mentawais

Samudra Biru meaning Blue Ocean offers accommodations for up to ten surfers, it's fully air-conditioned and carpeted throughout her spacious interior.

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Peluru Surf Charter, Mentawais

Peluru (the bullet) is the fastest boat operating in the Mentawais. 20-30 knot cruising speed with a top speed of 30-40 knots! Instead of taking 10-15 hours from Padang to Mentawais, the bullet will get you there in 3-5 hours. Less travelling time means more surfing time, greater flexibility of anchorage, and you will be the first to the next break when the surfing conditions change.

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Quest 1 Surf Charter, Mentawais

The ultimate surf adventure in the Mentawais? Luxury, comfort and pure surf freedom await you onboard the Quest 1. The boat has made its mark as the vessel used in the Rip Curl Tip 2 Tip promotion. Some of the biggest names in surfing have scoured the Mentawais for waves onboard Quest 1 and found it wanting for nothing.

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G-Land Jack Surf Camp, East Java

G-Land surf camp is located on the prime location of this famous break. Major renovations were completed in early 2006 to provide the most modern, comfortable and value for money surf camp.

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Naga Laut Surfing Charter, Mentawais

The Naga Laut is one of the best value charters in the Mentawais - this huge boat has room to move, as well as the power to get you to where you want to be. The boat sleeps maximum 10 Surfers. The skipper lives in West Sumatra so has excellent local knowledge. A surfer himself, he works hard to find the best uncrowded spots, and he motors while the surfers sleep in order to get you the most time in the water.

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Navistar Boat Charter, Mentawais

Navistar is a 65 ft sloop which is owned and operated by Carrick Robinson a experienced and keen surfer. Carrick's aim is to find the best waves possible to surf throughout the trip - you'll get the best waves of your life and a photographer to capture those waves

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Visitors from most countries can get a free 30 day tourist visa on arrival. Other options are to apply to the Indonesian embassy in your country for a 60 day tourist visa. A 60 day visa is applicable if your nationality does not allow you to get a visa on arrival, or you want to stay more than 30 days. Your passport must have 6 months validity to enter Indonesia.


Bali is considered safe for malaria. All other Indonesian islands have higher risk of malaria and precautions are very necessary on dry land although boats offshore are considered safe. If you leave Bali for other Indonesian islands - be prepared, be safe.


Appropriate travel insurance is an absolute necessity for travelling in Bali and to other Indonesian islands. To stay at Padang Padang Surf Camp you are required to have valid travel insurance.

You are allowed to import 3 surfboards into Bali for personal use. Additional boards will be considered as imports and customs will exact a toll. The price is negotiable - cheap if you are good at haggling the price, expensive if not.