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Photo of Ulu Cliffhouse

Uluwatu Nightlife: Where Parties and Surfing Paradise Combine

Uluwatu, an exquisite coastal paradise nestled on the southwestern tip of Bali, has long been renowned for its awe-inspiring cliffs, world-class surf breaks, and pristine beaches. While it has always attracted surfers in search of the perfect wave, Uluwatu’s nightlife scene has recently emerged as a vibrant and dynamic complement to its surfing heritage. From legendary venues like Single Fin to new establishments like Hatch, Uluwatu offers a diverse range of nocturnal experiences to perfectly complement your surf camp experience. The venues here seamlessly blend surf culture, live music, and international DJs. As the sun sets, the energy of the surf culture effortlessly transitions into a lively nightlife scene, where locals and travellers come together to celebrate the spirit of surfing and revel in evenings filled with music, dance, and good vibes.

Single Fin

Single Fin has carved out a reputation as the go-to destination for Sunday evenings. This surf-inspired cliffside venue, named after elements of surfboard design from the 1970’s, draws party-goers from all parts of the world, offering live music and pulsating beats from local and international DJs as part of their Sunday Sessions program.

Party at Single FIn

Arrive early to enjoy dinner and drinks on the expansive terrace while basking in the sunset. Take in the epic view of Temples, The Peak, and The RaceTrack, which make up the renowned Uluwatu surf break. Once the sun dips below the horizon, let loose and embrace a night of pure enjoyment.

Ulu Cliffhouse

As a perennial favourite for upscale Uluwatu nightlife, Ulu Cliffhouse sits just around the bend from Single Fin, elevating sophistication and class to new heights. This cliff-edge venue is known for its spectacular views, international DJs, and delightful drinks. From here, you can watch surfers glide across the perfect waves at The Racetrack, charge Outside Corner on big wave days, or view the sets of waves form lines over the reef at Thomas Beach, Impossibles, and other surf breaks in the Uluwatu area. This original Uluwatu standout is an absolute must-visit during your stay. The food quality has sadly declined recently but it is anyway a great place for sunset cocktails and occasionally hosts international DJs.

Hatch Bar

If you continue down the road beyond our surf camp in Uluwatu, you’ll stumble upon a funky club called Hatch Bar. A haven for the weird, wild, and wonderful, the entire club is adorned with unique murals, plants, and vibrant decor that will captivate you throughout the evening. Whether you’re seeking an unforgettable night or searching for an after-party, Hatch Bar is the place to be.

People partying at hatch

With numerous live music performances, salsa nights, and an abundance of games, this vibrant establishment is the perfect complement a day of surfing the world’s best waves.

The Cashew Tree

Every Thursday, The Cashew Tree transforms into a vibrant party destination, boasting a packed dance floor and showcasing talented local live acts and DJs. While it may lack a cliffside view of the stunning surf, the infectious energy and sheer fun found here more than compensates for any absence of vistas. This wild place was founded by a top local Bingin surfer, and has evolved into the place to be for surfers looking for a good time. Enjoy dinner after a memorable day of surfing, while immersed in the sounds of top local DJs, then get your groove on to a live performance followed by an exciting late-night DJ. Guaranteed great food, the owner is a fisherman, the fish is line caught, and the stand-out dish is fish tacos. What perfectly complements fish tacos is the frozen margaritas which are strong enough to get you dancing all night long.

Singer performing at Cashew tree


Last but not least, there’s one more club that must be mentioned, Savaya. Elegantly perched between the jungle and soaring cliffs of Uluwatu sits this fabulous beach club that hosts the world’s biggest stars. You will feel just as famed as you drink champagne overlooking the Indian Ocean. Enjoy a number of the menu delicacies while awing at the architecture and the beautiful crowd you find yourself a part of. With live DJ performances every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, your weekends are covered.

Overhead hot of Savaya.

Uluwatu, the thriving coastal gem of Bali, effortlessly combines the thrill of surfing the world’s best waves with an exhilarating nightlife experience. From the iconic Single Fin to the sophisticated Ulu Cliffhouse, the funky and vibrant Hatch Bar, the energetic atmosphere of The Cashew Tree Collective, and the elegance of Savaya, Uluwatu offers an array of venues that cater to diverse tastes and desires. If you’re a surfing enthusiast simply seeking an unforgettable night out, Uluwatu’s nightlife scene promises to ignite your spirit and create lasting memories to go along with your epic surfing experience.