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Surfer looking for a barrel at Dreamland

Intermediate Surf Lessons in Bali

Are you an intermediate surfer ready to take your skills to the next level? Discover the thrill of surfing like never before with our specially designed intermediate surf lessons. You’re no novice to surfing, so that’s why our classes go beyond the basics, offering you an experience tailored to your skills.

Get ready for customized coaching from our Australian-standard certified instructors who will analyze each wave you ride, provide insightful feedback, and guide you to perfection in a friendly and interactive environment. Complement your practical lessons with our unique theory classes and video review sessions. Learn to understand the art and science of surfing and accelerate your progress.

Our program isn’t just about riding the same wave, day in, day out. We take you to a variety of surfing locations, ensuring you get the optimal conditions tailored to your ability, every single day.

Picture the triumph of conquering a new challenge, learning a new skill, and advancing your surfing ability. This is the feeling of mastery that we strive for at Padang Padang Surf Camp.

Imagine leaving Bali not just with great memories, but also with the unshakeable confidence and refined skills that set you on the path to becoming an advanced surfer. All of this is within your reach at Padang Padang Surf Camp, your key to unlocking the next level of your surfing journey.

Are you ready to transform your surfing experience and ride the best waves of your life? Then take the plunge. Book your spot at Padang Padang Surf Camp now! Embrace the thrill of the ocean, surf to your heart’s content, and let Bali’s magic do the rest. Don’t wait; the ocean is calling!

Not Staying With Us? No Problem

At Padang Padang Surf Camp, we believe that the joy of surfing should be boundless. So that’s why we extend our surf lessons beyond our camp to reach everyone that shares a passion for surfing.

We’d love nothing more than for you to stay with us and immerse yourself in the complete surfing experience we offer at our surf camp. But we understand you may already have your accommodations arranged.

So our world-class intermediate surf lessons are available to non-residents of our surf camp. We want to know that regardless of where you stay, our surf lessons are as much for you as they are for our residential guests.

We’re ready to welcome you, no matter where you’ve chosen to stay. Take the next step toward embracing your surfing journey in Bali by completing our surf school booking form for non-residents now.

Surfer throwing a shaka in the water.

Surfing Education for Intermediates

As an intermediate surfer, you’re looking for more than just a standard surf lesson. You’re seeking an experience that prepares you for the more challenging aspects of surfing. That’s precisely what our program delivers.

With our expert coaching, you’ll refine your surfing technique, enhancing your abilities to a new level. You’ll feel your confidence grow with every session as your understanding deepens. We specialise in progressing intermediate surfers to advanced level by highlighting the importance of the functional stance and explain the mechanics of turning the surfboard.

In essence, our program offers an all-encompassing surfing education designed for the intermediate surfer. With us, you’ll not only improve your existing skills, but you’ll also learn new techniques that open the door to a whole new world of surfing potential.

Expert Instructors

Padang Padang Surf Camp is proud to boast a team of surf instructors who are not just teachers, but passionate surfers themselves. They’ve dedicated their lives to the ocean, and now they’re ready to share their knowledge and skills with you.

Our instructors are Australian-standard certified and renowned worldwide as the gold standard in surf education. This ensures you receive high-quality, professional training that matches the best in the world.

As an intermediate surfer, you’ve moved beyond the basics and need coaching that’s tailored to your level, helping you to refine your skills and push your boundaries. Our expert instructors are well-equipped to do just that. With years of experience under their belts, they possess a deep understanding of surfing and are ready to share their insights with you.

Surfers standing on the beach at sunrise.
Intermediate surfer riding a wave at Toro-Toro.

Unparalleled Guidance

Our expert instructors will join you in the water, offering personalized advice and real-time feedback on your technique. Their careful guidance will help you avoid common intermediate pitfalls and fast-track your progression to the advanced level.

Imagine having your personal surfing mentor with you in the water, offering tips, guidance, and encouragement. Picture learning the subtle tricks that transform a good surfer into a great one. That’s what our expert instructors bring to your surfing journey.

When you learn with Padang Padang Surf Camp, you’re learning from the best. You’re not just getting surfing lessons, you’re embarking on a journey to redefine your surfing experience and improve your skills.

Theory Classes & Video Reviews

We believe in providing a well-rounded surfing education that goes beyond just practice in the water. As an intermediate surfer, you crave a deeper comprehension of the sport. That’s why we offer video reviews, land-based coaching, and surf theory sessions to help you become a more accomplished surfer.

In the classroom, we unravel the intricacies of surfing. You’ll understand why certain actions yield specific results in the water. This is your gateway to understanding the science and art of surfing.

Our video review sessions reinforce the theoretical lessons, allowing you to see your skills in action. Imagine seeing your rides projected on a screen, with professional feedback highlighting your areas for improvement. These sessions bridge the gap between theory and practice, accelerating your progress and helping you break through plateaus.

Surf instructor doing land coaching.
Surfer riding a wave at Chicken Wings.

Master New Skills

You’re here to learn new techniques to revolutionize your surfing experience. Learn how to create and maintain speed on any wave, a skill that’s often the dividing line between intermediate and advanced surfers.

Master the art of taking off on any wave, a crucial skill that equips you to adapt to changing conditions. As you know, no two waves are the same. And with our guidance, you’ll learn how to analyze each wave and alter your take-off approach as required.

Dive into the world of surfing maneuvers with us. Experience the rush of executing a flawless bottom turn and the satisfaction of a perfectly timed cutback. These maneuvers are the foundation of advanced surfing, and we’ll help you nail them, both on a theoretical and practical level.

A World of Surfing Locations

You crave new opportunities to test and improve your skills. Our program is designed to take you to a diverse range of surfing locations that match your ability and the day’s conditions.

Imagine starting your day taking the boat out to Toro-Toro, enjoying long right-hand waves perfect for working on your cutback. The next day, you can be enjoying the beautiful lengthy lefts at Balangan followed by an afternoon surfing over the soft sand at Dreamland.

When you choose Padang Padang Surf Camp, every day is a new adventure. You’ll visit spots that match your skill level, pushing you just enough to keep your progression curve upward, while ensuring you’re never out of your depth.

Drone shot of Balangan.
Surfer taking the boat to Toro-Toro.

More Than Variety

Bali offers a diverse range of surf spots that are perfect for intermediate surfers. And our surf camp is strategically located so that each spot is within easy reach.

But it’s not just about variety. Surfing different locations means you’ll become a more versatile surfer, capable of tackling a wide range of waves and conditions. You’ll learn how to adapt your technique to different break types and wave sizes, enhancing your understanding and making you a more accomplished surfer.

We’re not like other surf camps that take you to the same breaks every day. Our commitment to location variety ensures your surfing experience is dynamic, exciting, and perfectly tailored for you.

Use an Array of Surfboards

The right surfboard can make a world of difference, especially for an intermediate surfer. That’s why we offer an extensive array of surfboards of different shapes and sizes, ensuring you always have the perfect board beneath your feet.

This variety of boards enables you to try out different surfing styles and techniques, further enhancing your adaptability. For intermediate surfers, the opportunity to experiment with a variety of boards is invaluable.

We understand that investing in different types of surfboards can be costly, and finding the right board for your style and skill level can be a journey in itself. That’s why we include board hire in your surf lessons. This allows you to explore and experiment without financial stress, making the discovery process a joyful and exciting adventure.

8 surfboards arranged for a photo.

How Much Do Surf Lessons Cost?

Surf lessons are available for £35 per person per day for 2 sessions or £20 for 1 session (including board hire) for guests that stay with Padang Padang Surf Camp.

For non-residents, the prices are £47 for 2 sessions (same day) or £29 for 1 session.

What Our Intermediates Are Saying

The surf guides for us intermediates were unreal, knew exactly where and when would be good, and they were very hands on in giving you pointers on technique and wave selection that is something you would never get trying to figure out the breaks in Bali on your own

Tom, New Zealand, 2022

This place is excellent. We loved every minute! We arrived as a couple at different levels of surfing, myself being intermediate and my girlfriend total beginner. We received great levels of support and local knowledge which allowed me to regularly catch twice the amount of waves as most of the crowds at particular spots and my girlfriend managed to surf breaks safely and well advised.

Craig, Australia, 2021

I was blown away by the quality of the experience at this surf camp! There were so many factors that combined to make it a holiday par excellence. I was a low-intermediate surfer at the start of this trip, but left with great skills and confidence.

David, Australia, 2019

Start Your Surfing Adventure in Bali Today

At Padang Padang Surf Camp, we’re here to guide you through your surfing journey. Whether you’re seeking to refine your skills or to experience the thrill of riding diverse waves, our intermediate surf lessons provide the environment, expertise, and tools you need to elevate your surfing to the next level.

Our intermediate surf lessons includes video and photo reviews when you book to stay with us. Highlight of the day is watching the video/photos taken with professional camera equipment by our photographer. All surfing photos & video clips are included in your stay so you can take home your memories.

Our expert instructors are ready to share their wisdom with you. They’ll offer personalized guidance, enrich your understanding with theory classes, and help you analyze your techniques during video review sessions.

You’re not just another intermediate to us. You’re a member of our surfing family, and your success and enjoyment is our passion. We’ve already helped countless intermediates experience the joy of surfing in Bali. Are you ready to be the next intermediate to join the ranks of advanced surfing?

It’s time to level up your surfing game. Let’s embark on this journey together. Click on the Book Now button below and secure your spot, or get in contact with us and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

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