Bali Surf Spots

Bukit Surfing Breaks

Padang Padang Surf Camp is located near the best bali surf breaks on the bukit peninsular. Whatever the conditions, we will find the best surfing waves for your ability.

Bali Surf Camp Local Map


Uluwatu is the indicator break for the west side of the bukit and is very consistent. Picks up any swell and never flat. The wide reef offers many different peaks which all turn on at different tide stages. The Peak is immediately in front of you as you paddle out of the cave and is a consistent wave that works at all tide stages but is best from mid to high tide. Outside corners only breaks at low tide on the biggest swells and is a classic wave. This is the go to big wave riding spot when the swell is big enough. Racetrack is a fast racy wave that works best at low to mid tide. Fast racy and so much fun. The best waves are growers, start at shoulder high and get bigger and bigger. The end section throws a great barrel but be careful as rather shallow and many flesh eating hungry crabs waiting for a taste of you skin Temples is a bit of a paddle from the main peak so tends to be less busy and works best at mid to high tide. The bombie will break on the biggest swells and is rideable at up to 30 foot or even bigger!

Padang Padang Rights

Padang Padang rights is also known as baby Padang. It is located the other side of the channel to the world famous Padang Padang but this is a soft mellow break due to the shape of the reef. It breaks both left and right. The left is a long ride and can be ridden almost all the way to impossibles while the right is a shorter ride that takes you back to the channel for an easy paddle back to the line up. This is the spot where the local kids learn to surf. Perfect for your first green waves. This is the go to spot for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Padang Padang

Padang Padang is known as the balinese pipeline. It is a very fast long barrelling wave that lives up to it's reputation as the most serious wave in bali. Similar to Hawaii's very own pipeline, the bali pipeline also breaks over a shallow coral reef and is only for expert surfers.

Lesser known is Padang Padang rights which breaks in front of a beautiful white sandy beach. This is a very easy wave and is suitable for beginners, longboarders and intermediate surfers. This is a perfect surf spot for learner surfers to progress from riding whitewater to unbroken waves. The conditions at high tide are very forgiving - a long slow unbroken wave which can reform from whitewater to swell. It is also a beautiful location for sunbathing and watching the sunset


Impossibles is a fast racy wave that is very picturesque. There are 3 seperate peaks on this wide reef which breaks up the crowds. On the right conditions with a good size swell and offshore wind it is possible for the sections to link up and to get a ride of a mile or more to the warungs at bingin.


Bingin is a perfect machine wave that works best around mid tide. It is a very consistent wave and throws out many perfect barrels. If you want to practice barrel riding lefts - bingin could be the perfect location. At low tide it can be very shallow and for expert surfers only. At high tide the wave can break very soft and is where the bali children learn to surf. High tide can be perfect for long boarders or intermediate surfers.


Dreamland is a beautiful white sand beach a short walk from Impossibles & Bingin. There are many different breaks that work at different satges of the tide and is suitable for novice surfers as it breaks over sand. The best wave is an A frame peak that works best at low tide on a big swell. There is also a punchy shorebreak wave where you will see balinese and visitng surfers exhibiting their skills at the water's edge. Dreamland is a perfect location to spend the day surfing, sunbathing and handing out in the local warungs.


Balangan is the next break on the bukit and is waking distance from dreamland. It is a reef break but has a beautiful white sand beach which is very quiet and beautiful. Balangan is a fun left hander that is not so fast as the other reef breaks on the bukit and is suitable for intermediate surfers.


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