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Beginner Surf Lessons in Bali

Do you dream of learning to surf, but always thought it’s just too difficult? Welcome to the ultimate beginner surf experience, tailor-made just for you. Our expertly designed surf program at Padang Padang Surf Camp combines practical sessions, theory classes, and personal video review sessions that fast-track your surfing journey. We are the only surf school in Bali that teach you how to stand on the board correctly in the functional stance, and the mechanics of steering and turning the surfboard.

Learn to master the ocean with the guidance of our highly experienced, Australian-standard qualified instructors who have successfully coached countless beginners. Our program is not only about teaching you to surf, we make it more enjoyable by providing a supportive group atmosphere and flexibility that adapts to your skill level and the daily surfing conditions.

Imagine yourself effortlessly riding the waves, feeling the warm Bali breeze as you smoothly navigate the ocean’s rhythm. Picture a surfing experience where you’re not just learning new skills, but also making unforgettable memories, building confidence, and truly becoming one with the water. You don’t need to worry about equipment because we provide a range of surfboards suitable for beginners. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm, and leave the rest to us.

Ready to transform your dreams into reality? Start your unforgettable surf journey with us. Visit our booking page and secure your spot at Padang Padang Surf Camp now.

Not Staying With Us? No Problem

At Padang Padang Surf Camp, we believe that the joy of surfing should be boundless. So that’s why we extend our surf lessons beyond our camp to reach everyone with a passion for surfing.

We’d love nothing more than for you to stay with us and immerse yourself in the complete surfing experience we offer at our surf camp. But we understand you may already have your accommodations arranged.

So our world-class beginner surf lessons are available to non-residents of our surf camp. We want to know that regardless of where you stay, our surf lessons are as much for you as they are for our residential guests.

We’re ready to welcome you, no matter where you’ve chosen to stay. Take the next step toward embracing beginner surf lessons in Bali by completing our surf school booking form for non-residents now.

Surf instructor giving a lesson to students on the beach.

Expert Instruction

The quality of your surf instruction determines the quality of your surfing experience. That’s why we are proud of the proficiency, skills, and qualifications of our instructors.

Our instructors aren’t your average surf instructor. They are local surfers, true masters of the breaks with vast experience, and are qualified to Australian standards having undergone rigorous training.

When you choose to learn to surf with Padang Padang Surf Camp, you are opting for instructors with a proven track record of teaching beginners. So you can trust your journey from a novice to a confident surfer is in safe and capable hands.

Comprehensive Training

Your beginner surf lessons don’t end in the water. You’ll get a comprehensive experience that fuses both theory and practice to help improve your understanding and accelerate your progress.

Our training program includes regular video review sessions. These sessions are an invaluable learning tool, providing a unique opportunity to analyze your technique, identify areas of improvement, and celebrate your progress.

At Padang Padang Surf Camp, you’re not just learning to surf. You’re on a journey to becoming a well-rounded surfer, armed with theoretical knowledge, and practical skills, creating a platform from which to improve upon.

Video review at Padang Padang Surf Camp.
Beginners paddling out at Padang Padang.

Beginner Friendly Locations

Bali is the ultimate destination for learning to surf, particularly for beginners. And our surf camp is located in Bali’s Bukit Peninsula near Padang Padang Rights, which is the ideal wave for learning to surf.

We’ll choose the best location for you on any given day. From the slow-moving peaks at Padang Padang Rights, to other beginner-friendly options such as Balangan and Dreamland. The mix of gentler smaller waves within a short distance will allow you to find your balance, with slightly more challenging breaks available to help you push your skills to the next level.

Join us at Padang Padang Surf Camp, and let’s turn the tides of your surfing journey together in the best possible location for beginners.

Flexible Lessons

We are not like the other surf schools that take beginner students to the same breaks each day. Padang Padang Surf Camp offers a flexible program that adapts to the daily surfing conditions and your ability.

Every beginner surfer’s journey to mastery is different. And this is something we appreciate and foster, so we champion a more flexible approach.

You’ll get a highly flexible surfing experience designed to maximize your progression, ensuring each day you’re in the water is as exciting and rewarding as possible.

Surfer riding a wave at Jimbaran.
Beginner surfers going for a surf lesson.

Properly Equipped

An essential part of surfing is your gear and equipment. Having the right equipment is as important as the lessons themselves. When you choose Padang Padang Surf Camp, we’ll take care of the equipment for you.

We will provide the correct surfboard for you and a rash vest to protect you from the sun and your board.

How Much Do Surf Lessons Cost?

Surf lessons are available for £35 per person per day for 2 sessions or £20 for 1 session (including board hire) for guests that stay with Padang Padang Surf Camp.

For non-residents, the prices are £47 for 2 sessions (same day) or £29 for 1 session.

A Typical Beginner Surf Lesson

Your surfing journey starts on the warm sands of Bali with your expert surf instructor detailing crucial elements of the surf break. They’ll show you how to effectively paddle out, identify rips and currents, and how to safely navigate them.

If you’re a first-time surfer, your first lesson will cover all the essentials. We’ll make sure you walk away with a firm foundation in the basics of surfing: from paddling to popping up on your board, to catching those first exhilarating waves.

Our mission is to get you standing on your surfboard and riding the waves by the end of your first lesson.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

  • Efficient Paddling: The mark of a true surfer is in their paddle. We’ll help you master the right technique to catch more waves, conserve energy and prevent injuries.
  • Wave Selection: Surfing is more than just riding waves, it’s about understanding the ocean. You’ll learn how to select the perfect wave, which will increase your wave-catching success.
  • Perfecting the Pop-up: The pop-up can be a beginner’s nemesis, but with our help, you’ll master the essential skill of a clean, efficient pop-up.
  • Correct Surfing Stance: A functional stance is a cornerstone of successful surfing. We’ll guide you on what to do, and what not to do, helping you dodge common beginner mistakes and propelling you to surfing success.

And as you advance, you’ll learn intricate techniques to take your surfing prowess up a notch, such as how to turn and how to build speed on the waves.

We understand everyone’s learning journey is unique. That’s why our lessons can be personalized to focus on the specific areas of surfing you wish to master.

Our typical day is split into two surf sessions. This is usually two morning sessions, or a morning session and an afternoon session, depending on the tide, wind, and swell. Each session usually lasts about 2 hours, giving you plenty of time to hone your skills and have fun doing it.

Bali, with its diverse array of quality breaks, is a surfer’s paradise and the perfect place for beginners to learn. Depending on the day’s conditions, we have a nearby selection of favorite surf spots for beginner lessons, such as:

  • Padang Padang Rights
  • Dreamland
  • Balangan
  • Toro Toro
  • Jimbaran
  • Kuta Beach
  • Canggu

What Our Beginners Are Saying

I had never surfed before and by the end of my fourth lesson I was off the foam board and riding waves (albeit small ones!) on a fibreglass board, made possible by the excellent instructors, their attention to detail and sense of fun. The photo sessions in particular really helped me to improve – once you see on camera where you are making mistakes it hits home a lot quicker

Ian, USA, 2021

I took 3 days of surf lessons with these guys and went from never surfing before to catching waves like a boss! (Or at least that’s how it felt ha!) The staff here are the friendliest guys around and their surf knowledge is almost godlike! They are true masters of the sport. Any level surfer would get so much out of spending time here. Everyone out at sea knows these guys as the oracles of the waves, they know all the perfect spots and when to go.

Erin, Australia, 2022

Great surf camp for “serious” surfers or beginners that really want to learn surfing. Relaxed atmosphere, great surf coaches, and 100% focus on a great surfing experience.

Brenda, USA, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to bring surfing shorts, sunscreen, and a towel. In other words, things you would normally bring to the beach.

You may bring your own surfboard or we will provide a board appropriate for you. Board hire is included when you take group surf lessons or private surf lessons. Our team will help guide you to choose the right board according to your skill level and the day's conditions.

No wetsuit is required due to the warmth of the Bali water year-round, but we do provide rash vests.

Our typical day is split into two surf sessions. There is no fixed duration, but each session is usually between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Surf lessons are available as an optional extra when you book to stay with us at Padang Padang Surf Camp.

For non-resident guests, we kindly ask that you complete our Surf School Booking Form.

No, you do not need prior surfing experience to take surf lessons. In fact, we specialize in teaching complete beginners with no prior surfing experience.

We tailor our lessons to match the skill level of each surfer by splitting our group classes into 3 distinct groups for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers. This flexible approach ensures that everyone gets the attention they need to progress at their own pace.

While there is no strict age limit, surfing is a physically demanding sport. So we generally recommend that children be at least 10 years old. But we're happy to accommodate younger children provided they are comfortable in the water and accompanied by an adult.

Our beginner surfing lessons are suitable for anyone who has never surfed before, has very little experience with surfing, or it’s been a long time since you last surfed.

We also provide lessons for intermediate surfers and surf guiding for advanced surfers.

If you require help deciding if our beginner surf lessons are right for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We constantly monitor the surf conditions, interpreting the wind, and tide, and making adjustments to your surfing destination based on the data. We are experts at interpreting the data and will choose the best location for you based on the daily surfing conditions.

We have a selection of favorite surf spots for beginner lessons and we choose the best one for the day.

Scheduling for the first session is done the night before and the second session is scheduled following the first session because this gives us the best data in terms of the expected surfing conditions, enabling us to make the most informed decision.

Absolutely! Our beginner surf lessons are available to guests staying outside of our surf camp. Regardless of where you stay, you are welcome to learn to surf with us.

For outside guests, we kindly ask that you complete our Surf School Booking Form.

The rate of progress can vary for each individual. However, we aim to get you standing on your surfboard and riding the waves by the end of your first lesson.

Start Your Surfing Adventure in Bali Today

You know what we’re all about at Padang Padang Surf Camp. We offer expert instruction and comprehensive training, tailored to you as a beginner surfer. Our highly experienced, Australian-standard instructors have successfully coached countless beginners. Are you ready to be our next success story?

Our beginner surf lessons includes video and photo reviews when you book to stay with us. Highlight of the day is watching the video/photos taken with professional camera equipment by our photographer. All surfing photos & video clips are included in your stay so you can take home your memories.

We invite you to join us and surf the beginner-friendly surf destinations in Bali that are all within easy reach of our surf camp. The thrilling sensation of riding your first wave, the sense of accomplishment as you master a new skill, and the enchanting beauty of Bali are waiting for you here at Padang Padang Surf Camp.

Your journey of an unrivaled surfing adventure begins here. Simply click on the Book Now button below and secure your spot, or get in contact with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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