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Bali Has a New e-Visa System

Travel and sports tourism is now allowed in Bali, and it is a simple process to apply for a visa. We'll pay for your visa when you stay 2+ weeks, so get in contact now for more information on how you can join us for an exclusive surfing experience.

For those who have always wanted to try surfing, Bali has very consistent surf and weather. The surf instructors will choose the best location according to your ability. The surf lesson begins on the beach, with the instructor advising on how to handle the board, paddle out, catch waves and stand up. All our instructors have surfed Bali since they were children and are qualified to Australian surfing instructor standards. They are experts on choosing the best time and location to surf.

No wetsuit is required as the water temperature is warm year round. You can bring your own surfboard or we will provide an appropriate sized board from the surf school. We cater for all standards of surfer: beginners who have never surfed before, intermediate who want to progress to the next level and advanced who want to be expert surfers.

Surf School Bali

Padang Padang surf camp opened the first surf school on the bukit. Most surfing lessons are at Dreamland or Padang Padang beach which are beautiful locations to spend the day - white sand and clear blue sea. Other locations nearby such as Uluwatu and Balangan will be chosen depending on your ability and the conditions on the day. Our objective is to find the best surfing conditions so you have the maximum enjoyment riding the bali surf.

If you have never surfed before, then the first surfing lesson will include instruction on the basic theory of surfing. Our internationally qualified surfing instructors will teach you the correct technique to jump up on the board, how to select waves, how to paddle and catch waves, and how to ride the waves. As your surfing progresses the instructors will advise you how to turn the board, accelerate and proper techniques to progress to the next level of surfing. The instruction will be addressed to your specific ability irrespective of whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced.

You can arrange to have surfing lessons as part of a small group or have private surf lessons. The maximum group size per instructor is only 3 people but to maximise the potential for improvement you can request one on one tuition by our expert surf intructors. Depending on your age and general level of fitness, we recommend you spend at least 2 hours surfing every day of your vacation, to maximise the potential for improvement.

We specialise in teaching complete beginners who have never surfed before and have the 10 most patient and experienced surf instructors. Bali is the perfect location to learn to surf due to the high quality and consistency of the waves and also the water temperature which is perfect year round.

Our photographer goes every morning to shoot the first surf session and the best photos will appear on our daily surf report. We provide regular photo reviews and video review of your surfing sessions where we analyse your surfing and advise on the correct technique. Our surfing photo reviews are conducted in a class room environment and allows us to explain the theoretical and practical aspects of surfing. Our expert analysis will quickly identify how to improve your surfing technique. There is also a weekly Surfing presentation explaining the theory of surfing and how to surf better.

Bali surf school. Surf lessons by professional surfers, can be arranged for you individually or with your friends. For more advanced surfers we have expert surf instructors who can teach you how to ride the barrel (tube) which is the ultimate surfing experience, or improve aspects of your suring technique like top turns and cut backs.

We organise surfers into 3 groups by ability beginner intermediate and advanced. We provide 2 surf sessions daily at the best time to coincide with the tides and other factors. We are experts at choosing the best surfing spot for your ability and have the best in water surf instructers and out of water surf theory presentations.

On a typical day beginners will surf Padang Padang and Dreamland, intermediates will surf Balangan and Dreamland, advanced will surf at Uluwatu. If the swell gets too big at these locations we will move to more sheltered surf spots such as Jimbaran bay.

Our Surf Guides


Monot is a very experienced surf instructor and guide who wants to pass some of this knowledge to you both out of the water during presentations and in the water after observing you surfing. Very patient, friendly and hard working he is one of the most popular guides and will go the extra mile to get you good waves. Monot is our head surf instructor and very much in demand for private surf lessons.

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Winner of many surfing competitions and also 2nd place in the 2018 Rip Curl Cup which is the most prestigious surfing competition in the whole of Asia. Loves to sing and dance, and provides great entertainment both in and out of the water. As with all professional surfers, has excellent wave reading skills and is happy to share this knowledge with you, particularly at his home break of Uluwatu.

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An ex-professional surfer previously sponsored by worldwide renknown brand Quiksilver. Sandi's immense ability has landed him with the opportunity to surf abroad on several occasions, travelling as far as Europe. With Sandi you can rest assured that you're getting tuition from one of Bali's finest surfers.

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Young up and coming surfer who is faster than a speeding bullet on racetrack section of Uluwatu. Always smiling and like his mentor blacky, loves to sing and dance. “Bling” has great surfing technique and will help get your surfing to the next level. You can not fail to love Bling.

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Ryan is a veteran surf instructor with the ability to identify critical mistakes and errors in your surfing almost immediately and can articulate how to correct them in an easy to understand and instantly applicable way so you may truly experience the joy of surfing. Technically excellent in the water with great communication skills.

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The lovechild of Barack Obama and Tiger Woods. Known for his trademark curly hair and infectious smile, Christo, despite being very young, has a plethora of experience with surfing students ranging from complete beginner to intermediate levels. Christo's attentive nature and teaching style will have anyone feeling in safe and trustworthy hands.

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Andre is an incredibly skilled surfer with a substantial amount of competitive experience and his vibrant nature means that there's never a dull moment when you're in the water with him. A technical surfer with a lot of knowledge to share and improve any level of surfer.

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Dani is skilful, patient and very hard working to get everyone waves and is excellent with beginner surfers. Dani's is our lead presenter and provides classroom theory presentations after the surf sessions. His photo reviews will explain surfing theory to allow his students to gently learn from their mistakes and improve.

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When Agus isn't surfing he can be found participating in Karaoke or cheerfully singing. In the water he is patient, hard working and possesses excellent technical analysis skills and is all around great fun to be around.

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From the surfing island of Nias, Englai is Padang Padang Surf Camp's newest instructor. Industrious and conscientious, Englai surfs to a very high standard, has great communication skills and is great with all levels of surfers.

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