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Group taking the boat to Toro-Toro.

Elevate Your Surfing With Our Surf School

Experience the thrill of surfing like never before at our surf camp and surf school. Our expert, Australian-certified instructors cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced surfers. Enjoy personalized training in small classes, and flexible options for board use and lesson types.

Enhance your skills with our daily sessions, reviews, and theory classes. We prioritize your safety and select the best location to surf based on your ability and the conditions of the day. As the Bukit area’s first surf school, we ensure a unique surfing journey unlike anywhere else.

Join Bali’s premier surf camp and surf school for an unforgettable adventure today.

Beginner surfer at a wave at Padang Padang.

Beginner Surf Lessons

Designed for novices and occasional surfers, our nearly 20-year record of expertise simplifies this challenging sport into a fun and effective learning experience.

Our dedicated instructors prioritize optimal surf conditions based on your skills rather than repetitive locations. These lessons include both land-based and surf theory classes, along with frequent photo/video reviews for technique enhancement.

We ensure two daily sessions, focusing on critical techniques like efficient paddling, wave selection, pop-up mastery, and the correct surfing stance.

Explore beginner surf lessons.

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Take your surfing to the next level with Padang Padang Surf Camp’s intermediate surf lessons. Our expert instructors guide you in the water, analyze your performance, and give personalized advice to boost your abilities.

This program is ideal for surfers who can catch and ride waves independently and aim to master advanced surfing techniques.

Learn vital techniques like maintaining speed, managing wave take-offs, basic maneuvers, and efficient duck diving. With Padang Padang Surf Camp, surpass the basics and level up your surf skills.

Explore intermediate surf lessons.

surfer riding a wave at Toro-Toro.
Advanced surfer riding a barrel.

Advanced Surf Guiding

Take your seasoned surfing skills to Bali’s renowned surf spots with our advanced surf guiding. Navigate new territories, avoid risks, and maximize your surfing experience under the expert guidance of our seasoned instructors.

Ride the world-famous Uluwatu with its consistent high-quality waves. Challenge yourself at Bingin, famous for its thrilling barrels. Conquer the coveted Padang Padang, known as the Balinese Pipeline. Test your speed and stamina with impossibly long rides at Impossibles.

Tap into the wisdom of Bali’s top surfers, including competition winners, to elevate your surf game.

Explore advanced surf guiding.

Private Surf Lessons

At Padang Padang Surf Camp, your surfing ambition becomes a thrilling reality. Our private Surf Lessons cater to all skill levels. With our expert team selecting the best surf location each day, you can fully focus on riding Bali’s finest waves.

Our seasoned, friendly instructors, well-versed in English and trained to Australian standards, are committed to enhancing your surf journey. They offer tailored practical and theoretical classes, using photo reviews to perfect your technique.

Private Surf Lessons at Padang Padang mean one thing: personalized attention. You’ll receive instant feedback, catch more waves, and rapidly boost your wave-reading skills and confidence. Plus, enjoy the convenience of scheduling lessons around your timing, making for a truly custom surf experience.

Explore private surf lessons.

Surf instructor giving a private surf lesson.
A collection of surfboards and Whitney in a pool.

Find Your Perfect Surfboard

Enhance your surf sessions with our diverse range of surfboards tailored to your skills, goals, and surfing conditions. Whether you’re a beginner mastering standing on a soft-top board, or an expert maneuvering Bali’s waves, our collection caters to all.

Progress from our forgiving soft-tops to our sturdy Malibus and Longboards, ideal for first-time wave catching. Intermediates can transition to the versatile Mini Malibu, while those seeking a thrill can opt for our agile funboards.

We also cater to specialized surfing conditions with a range of specific boards. Our seasoned instructors are always on hand to help you select the perfect board to match your proficiency and the waves of the day.

View our surfboard selection.

Meet Your Expert Local Surf Instructors

Head Instructor Richie at Padang Padang Surf Camp.

Richie – Surfing Manager

Richie, our head surf instructor, has deep roots in the local surf community. Growing up near Bingin, his favourite wave, he’s been immersed in the sport from an early age. With a decade of experience coaching international surfers, particularly from Japan and Europe, Richie has led numerous surfing trips to Lembongan, Lombok, and Sumbawa, where he explored renowned spots like Scar Reef and Super Suck. When not at the beach, he devotes time to ceremonies and tending to his family land. Richie admires surfers like Kelly Slater and Luke Egan.

Randy – Head Coach

Having grown up in a family of fishermen in Kuta, Randy was taught to surf at an early age by his father. At the age of 16, he won an international RipCurl Grom Search surfing contest in Canggu, and still surfs professionally to this day. Passionate about coaching, he enjoys imparting his inherited ocean wisdom during surf lessons. His Favorite surf break is Racetrack at Uluwatu and Desert Point in Lombok. In his free time, Randy enjoys fishing and teaching his young son to surf.

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Photo of Randy, surf instructor at Padang Padang Padang Surf Camp.
Scotty, an instructor at Padang Padang Surf Camp.


Scotty, native to Uluwatu, developed a passion for surfing at the age of 10. His knowledge, ability, and local status is present during sessions at his home break, ensuring his students catch more set waves. He is known for getting students into incredible waves and detailing how to surf the challenging wave at Uluwatu. When Scotty isn’t surfing, you can find him playing house music as a DJ at some of Bali’s best clubs, like Single Fin and Tabu.


Samy found his calling in Bali’s pristine waves after discovering his love for surfing early on. Airport Left holds a special place in his heart as his go-to surf spot. With his infectious positivity and unruly hair, he fosters a motivating environment for improving surfers. In his free time, Samy strums the guitar and shares his soulful tunes, much to the enjoyment of guests.

Photo of Samy, an instructor at Padang Padang Surf Camp.
Photo of David, an instructor at Padang Padang Surf Camp.


David started surfing when he decided to move to Bali in 2012. Since then, most days, he has been surfing for himself before or after lessons. His favorite surf break is Halfway at Kuta Beach due to its ever-changing nature. David’s friendly demeanor and skillful video analysis presentations make him a well-regarded figure at the surf camp. During his free time, he enjoys going to the gym and engaging in friendly ping-pong matches with his friends.


Chandra discovered his love for surfing through admiring John John Florence’s mastery of challenging waves worldwide. Since then, he has wholeheartedly devoted himself to the pursuit of perfect waves. Chandra’s students experience his contagious enthusiasm for the sport firsthand during his sessions. The powerful rights of Green Bowl are his preferred local surf spot, yet he eagerly explores different Indonesian regions in pursuit of flawless waves.

Photo of Chandra, an instructor at Padang Padang Surf Camp.
Photo of Jery, an instructor at Padang Padang Surf Camp.


Jery’s surfing career started in 2013 in Bali and since then, he fell in love with what are now his favorite surf breaks: Keramas and Uluwatu. Jery is known around the camp for always surfing, clocking in more water time than most on this island. The guests feel his passion for good waves and always improving, and he surely will call you into the wave of the day. During his free time, Jery will be found in the line-up at the islands best waves.

Photo of Made, Padang Padang Surf Camp photographer.

Made Topia

Made Topia, a bingin local and house photographer, honed his craft by taking photos of surfers at Bingin Beach. He now specializes in surf, wedding, and architecture photography. Made Topia is also an internationally recognized sculpture artist known for his leading role in creating Ogoh-Ogoh statues for annual Nyepi celebrations and creating ice sculptures at overseas international competitions.


Brod, our videographer, is from the long left point break at Medewi, where he began his career as photographer and videographer. Brod is known for capturing the fun vibe of surf lessons and creating the videos for our video reviews. In his free time, Brod enjoys ripping on his skateboard and on his motocross bike in the mountains around his hometown.

Photo of Brod, Padang Padang Surf Camp videographer.
Photo of Garrett Padang Padang Surf Camp surfing academy director.


Garrett began his surfing journey as a teenager in California, surfing the cold and wild breaks north of San Francisco. After university, he spent the next several years living in San Diego, surfing all of Southern California and Northern Mexico. He enjoys the experience of riding all types of surfboards. Garrett’s favourite waves are Uluwatu and Balian. When he is not surfing, he loves to go on motorcycle adventures.

Your Surfing Journey Begins Here

At Padang Padang Surf Camp, we’re your gateway to the thrill of experiencing the best waves in Bali. We’re not just teaching you to surf, we’re guiding you toward an experience to transform and elevate your skills while embracing the joy of the surfing lifestyle.

Whether you’re just stepping foot on the board for the first time or you’re a seasoned surfer seeking to ride Bali’s most famous waves, our team of Australian-certified instructors is dedicated to providing you with a personalized journey toward mastery. Our approach is grounded in safety, flexible learning, and fostering a passion for the sport.

From beginner to advanced lessons to private surf lessons tailored to your individual goals, you’ll find a program catered to your skill level and ambition. And it doesn’t end there. Our extensive range of surfboards ensures you have the perfect companion to conquer the waves according to your proficiency and the surfing conditions.

We’ve spent over a decade refining our teaching methods, selecting the best surf spots, and focusing on providing an unforgettable surfing experience in Bali.

So are you ready to take your surf skills to the next level and explore Bali’s renowned surf spots?

It’s time to join us and experience the thrill and freedom of surfing. Click on the button below to begin your surfing journey today and let us help you ride the perfect waves of Bali.

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