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Group taking the boat to Toro-Toro.

The functional surfing stance

When you choose to surf with us at Padang Padang Surf Camp, you will learn the correct techniques for riding waves. Our surf lessons are taught by qualified surf instructors who have many years teaching experience and live locally. Our experienced team has helped thousands of aspiring surfers begin their journey of riding waves.

The functional stance is the foundational skill for gliding across the waves, which you will aquire when you surf with us. These foundational abilities pave the way for ongoing progress. Our surf camp provides an ideal environment for learning to surf because we guide you through each step of the process. Our in-water surf lessons are supplemented by in-depth video reviews and land-based coaching sessions. All of this in a relaxed, social, surf-oriented environment. Begin your surfing journey with us, and set your course for surfing success!

All too often beginner surfers are not taught how to stand on the board correctly and this inhibits their progression. From day one we teach you the functional surfing stance and how to turn the surfboard. The difference between an intermediate surfer and an advanced surfer is that intermediates are not standing in the functional stance, and thererefore can not control and turn the surfboard.

Not Staying With Us? No Problem!

At Padang Padang Surf Camp, we believe that the joy of surfing should be shared with everyone. So that’s why we extend our surf lessons beyond our camp to reach everyone with a passion for surfing.

We’d love nothing more than for you to stay with us and immerse yourself in the complete surfing experience we offer at our surf camp. But we understand you may already have your accommodations arranged.

So, our world-class beginner and intermediate surf lessons are available to non-residents of our surf camp. If you want to progress quicker then we recommend private surf lessons.

We’re ready to welcome you, no matter where you’ve chosen to stay. Take the next step toward embracing beginner surf lessons in Bali by completing our surf school booking form for non-residents now.

The Functional Stance

The correct way to stand on a surfboard is known as the functional stance. It is the bedrock of every surfer’s ability to ride waves with control and balance. A surfer will never become a proficient surfer without the correct surfing stance. It is with this stance that you can develop into a skilled surfer gliding across the waves with finesse and style. Allow us to guide you through your surfing journey. The functional stance is one of the first things a surfer needs to understand when learning to ride a surfboard. Teaching the functional stance is embedded into beginner surf lessons at Bali’s premier surf and yoga resort.

Key Components of the Functional Stance

Zara demonstrating the functional stance.
  1. The head should be looking in the direction you intend to go. This not only aids in maintaining balance but also ensures that your body is aligned with your intended path.
  2.  Keep your arms balanced over each rail for stability. With either arm over each side of the surfboard, you can more easily balance on your surfboard.
  3.  Keep your elbows bent for maximum balance. Keeping your elbows bent allows you to use your body’s built-in flexibility more efficiently to keep you balanced.
  4.  Both knees and your chest should be facing forward with your back knee tucked in. This allows you to lower your torso.
  5. Your hips and shoulders should stay loose and low, dropping your centre of gravity.
  6.  Your feet should be in line with the center line of the surfboard and slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Positioning your feet more to one side than the other will result in instability.

From this functional position, you can glide across the waves, balanced and in control of your surfboard. After learning to surf with us, the functional stance will remain the foundation of your surfing ability. When done correctly, you will soon begin to ride down the line with control and finesse. And with time, you will develop the skills to surf gracefully under your own knowledge and ability. Padang Padang, the surf school‘s favourite wave, is the perfect location to perfect the functional surfing stance.

Practice on land

Reinforce this crucial skill set by practising with a surf-skate between sessions. When practising on a surf-skate, you can feel the added balance and control as soon as you get into position. Once you have mastered this skill on a surf-skate, you will immediately feel the improvements when riding your next wave.

These same movements and concepts can be seamlessly transferred to your muscle memory, whether you join us at our surf camp or carve your own path.

When just beginning your surfing journey, the functional stance is the fundamental building block to your development as a surfer. Without these skills, you will struggle to progress from beginner to intermediate and you will never progress from intermediate to advanced. The reason so many surfers stay stuck at intermediate level is that they have not been taught how to stand on the board correctly. So, the next time you paddle out, remember that the functional stance is your pathway to progression and surfing with style and grace.

Zara demonstrating the functional stance on the surf skate.


Padang Padang Surf Camp offers expert instruction and comprehensive surf training tailored to your surfing level. Our highly experienced, Australian-standard instructors have successfully coached countless beginners. Are you ready to be our next success story?

We invite you to join us and surf the novice-friendly surf destinations in Bali that are all within easy reach of our surf camp. The thrilling sensation of riding excellent quality green waves, the sense of accomplishment as you master a new skill, and the enchanting beauty of Bali are waiting for you here at Padang Padang Surf Camp.

Your journey of an unrivalled surfing adventure begins here. Simply click on the Book Now button below and secure your spot, or get in contact with us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

We invite you to join our surf camp and surf school, where our experienced instructors will guide you through the art of surfing while ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to take your skills to the next level, you’ll get expert instruction and support.

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